Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions…

What is Smithville doing in Bloomington?

Smithville Fiber is looking to bring Indiana’s best Internet to new areas of Bloomington by expanding its high quality fiber optic network. In order to know where we should expand to next, we need to know where people are most interested in having us.

To do so, Smithville has identified several zones within Bloomington that we are currently gauging interest within. Those areas can be found at From that site, click on your neighborhood zone, check your address and if you’re included in one of the areas, sign up for services to show your interest in receiving Smithville fiber. Once we find an area with a large enough demand, we will do an in-depth assessment of the feasibility of building our network there and if viable, we will build it.

How were the Bloomington zones identified?

When looking to expand our network, many factors were considered. The primary factor was the proximity of a new zone to our existing fiber lines. Then, we considered the number of homes and/or neighborhoods we could serve within each zone and used those home/neighborhood counts to create service boundaries.

I like my current cable company. Why should I switch?

A true Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) installation offers much more than coaxial cable or even a hybrid coaxial/fiber installation. Fiber’s unique capacity to carry a signal in the form of light means it can support much higher bandwidths at much greater distances than traditional communication systems used by cable companies. Fiber doesn’t need amplifiers and booster equipment to improve signal quality like coaxial cable often needs. Also, highly reliable Gigabit fiber service is at least ten times faster than what traditional coaxial cable systems can offer. Furthermore, fiber “future-proofs” a home or business from advances in technology by providing high-speed, high-capacity service. You can run multiple streaming devices at once, watch separate movies at the same time and still experience super-fast download speeds.

What does having Gigabit speeds mean for me?

It means you won’t ever have to worry about running out of bandwidth if you and everyone in your whole family wanted to use the internet in your home at the same time. It means you can download an HD movie in one minute compared to almost an hour with the connection you likely have today. It means you can work from home without worrying about your connection to your office. It means you’ll have what many others in the area can only dream of.

What kind of services will I be able to sign up for?

We will offer the fastest internet connectivity available in Bloomington today, gigabit speeds. 1 gigabit = 1,000 megabits! Along with wireless gigabit internet, Smithville also offers: Streaming TV, Voice services, Security, surveillance, home automation and much more!

The sign-up form says I have to select Gigabit Internet service in order to get other services. Why can’t I just sign up for Streaming TV or Voice services?

Smithville Fiber’s premier service is Internet. It is the basis for our Streaming TV service and voice services so it is required in order to add any other service to your home.

I have old-unusable Traditional TV set top boxes and cables, what can I do with these items?”

Smithville is no longer collecting these items for recycling. Do not throw these away in your trash, please recycle these items responsibly. Click here for a list of ewaste collectors near you.

What should I expect once I sign up?

Smithville will collect sign ups until the zone reaches the required interest level (of total number of sign ups). Once the zone passes our feasibility evaluation, our Customer Service Representative will begin processing your order. They will give you a call to verify your selected services and send you a 24-month service agreement for you to sign. Once the signed contract is received, we will contact you to schedule your installation.

What will be involved in the construction in my neighborhood?

Once your zone is selected to receive Smithville fiber, you will begin seeing Smithville and our partners in the area. Smithville will start by surveying the zone and engineering the new fiber placement. Next, they will install main fiber lines down every street. Once that has been completed, they will begin to turn on services. If you are one of the effected homeowners, you will receive information about what to expect during this time.

Who do I contact with questions about construction in my zone?

Smithville is committed to improving your neighborhood and minimizing disruptions and inconvenience to you during this project. If you have any questions regarding construction in your area, please call our Smithville team at (877) 513-4237.

What has to happen to my house?

Equipment will be placed on the outside and inside of your house. Our technicians will work with you to determine the best placement for these items.

What if my utilities are damaged during construction?

We depend on utility companies to accurately mark their facilities, but sometimes they don’t. If we hit improperly marked utilities, the other utility company will pay for repairs. If we hit properly marked utilities, then we will fix the problem.

What about the other buried facilities?

We will work with the homeowner to make sure we avoid buried septic systems, dog fences, water lines, etc.

Is there a limit on data usage?

At the moment, there is no limit on the amount of data you can use each month. As with all data providers, we are researching how that might need to change in the future.

Does your Unlimited Long Distance include international calling?

Unfortunately, international calling is NOT included in our Unlimited Long Distance service. If this is a service you’re interested in, review our international calling rates.